Angry Birds Golden Egg Football “Super Bowl 2011”


(The location for this secret, invisible egg was revealed in an Angry Birds Rio commercial during the Super Bowl.)
In The Ham ‘Em High Episode, level 13-12, the golden egg is located on the notch in the hill behind the slingshot. Since this is a secret egg, it is not visible. To get it, shoot the white bird backwards, dropping the egg on the notch in the hill.

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  1. Is this for pc??
    I try it more then 1000 times …..i can’t get~~~

    it’s 1.6.2 version~

    • There appear to be others having the same problem with the PC version. I am playing on the Mac, though, and am not really sure what the issue is on the PC. Perhaps it will be fixed in the next update…

  2. I have PC version and it works. Probably you have other problems.

  3. I have an Imac running Lion with version 1.6.4 And the Golden Football will not appear. I have try numerous times. Anyone having the sane problem? Does anyone have the solution. I do have all of the other 25 galden eggs.

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