Angry Birds Golden Egg #6: “Open the Treasure Chest”


In Mobile Version double click on the chest to release the egg.

In Computer Version type “OPEN” on your keyboard on Level 1-8 to release the Golden Egg

(Quite a few computer users have had trouble getting the egg simply by typing “OPEN”. ┬áSome possible suggestions:

1. Depress the Caps Lock key before typing “OPEN”

2. Hold the left mouse button down over the chest then type “OPEN”

3. Shoot a bird first and then type “OPEN”

4. Look through the comment sections of this YouTube video for alternate suggestions

5. Make sure you don’t already have the egg!)

  5 Responses to “Angry Birds Golden Egg #6: “Open the Treasure Chest””

  1. In pc version press enter and then type open and magic

  2. for moblie version tap the chest rapidly multiple times

  3. When I tap “P” the Pause Menu comes on !!!!

  4. HOLD the mouse button on the chest and type OPEN

  5. I cannot figure this out!!! HELP!!!!

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