Angry Birds 8-12 “Rock View Manor”


8-12 2 Birds

(Variety of strategies; published clip was a bit of a lucky variant)

Loop first white bird between two structure; releasing egg before impact.  Recoiling bird should take down building with rock. Published clip released egg before impact with ice, but not the only way.

Arc green bird to hit main structure either in the middle (published clip) or bottom area. If in the middle try to take out tilted hollow wood square above pig in the main building. This allows better collapse. Also middle shot only possible if ice has been cleared in first shot.

If a third shot is necessary, hit lower wood support of first structure with a straight (not boomeranged) shot.

Score: 118,390
*Rank: 32

Some High Score Targets:

3 Stars:       105,000
*Top 150:    113,120
*Top 100:    114,170
*Top 10:      122,450

*Top scores in Massachusetts in March, 2011 according to Crystal (a former feature of the Mobile App).



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  1. I play the daily challenge when my time allows. Don’t always respond on scores. Sometimes mine are already higher, sometimes I surpass, or don’t. On this daily challenge I used your method and went from 114 something to 122,880. Pure luck. Thanks.

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