Angry Birds 8-10 “Shear Madness”


8-10 3 Birds

Aim first yellow bird at first thin plank on pyramid.

Aim second yellow bird in roughly the same spot.  Detonate lower TNT box and hope side of pyramid shears off and blows up middle TNT box.  This box should detonate before tilting completely over.  This will ensure the stone plank next to it is displaced, leaving access for the third bird to hit the far TNT box.

Aim third yellow bird at far TNT box, popping last pig and clearing out any remaining debris.  Makes sure to strike at wood canopy protecting last pig.

Score: 128,590
*Rank: 62

Some High Score Targets:

3 Stars:       120,000
*Top 150:    126,250
*Top 100:    127,520
*Top 10:      133,730

*Top scores in Massachusetts in March, 2011 according to Crystal (a former feature of the Mobile App).


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  1. After 3 days I finally got 3 stars. I was stuck at 119750 since the 2nd try. But I got 138140 with two birds. Hitting the lowest wooden junction sometimes (1-2% of the time) causes the collapse of the top downward. Sometimes that will set off the middle TNT. The trick is the middle TNT has to blast the bottom of the metal bar blocking the 3rd TNT downward so it is out of the way. Then the 2nd bird can break thru the wood pile and set off the last TNT. I must have done it about 500 times before it happened that way though. But I did have 6 or 7 times I had the opportunity to do it on the 2nd shot. Just did not shoot it right.

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