Angry Birds 5-17 “The Inside Track”


5-17 3 Birds

Loop first yellow bird at highest trajectory so that it hits very inside corner of structure.  Try to disintegrate wood plank lying flat against left side wall. This should open path for second bird to get closer to ground level.

Loop second yellow bird at similar trajectory. Try to get to pig on lower left ground floor or at least clear debris.

Loop third yellow bird at similar trajectory.  If lower right pig was popped by second bird then try to take out remaining pigs, if not make sure to get pig on lower left.

(A fourth bird is often required, but it is hard or impossible to get over 118,000 points with four birds)

Score: 118,300
*Rank: 32

Some High Score Targets:

3 Stars:       100,000
*Top 150:    114,690
*Top 100:    115,600
*Top 10:      123,860

*Top scores in Massachusetts in March, 2011 according to Crystal (a former feature of the Mobile App).


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  1. Just scored 118020 with 3 birds leaving me 128020 total

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