Angry Birds 3-21 “Poached Eggs Finale”


3-21 4 Birds

Aim first white bird above second closest pig. Drop egg so that first two pigs are popped.

Aim second black bird at stone landing above where second pig was.  The fallout from this explosion is key to the rest of the level.  Try to take out pig at the far turret with this shot.

Aim third white bird over pig at bottom with the donut. Drop egg to make last black birds access easier.

Loop fourth black bird so that it actually hits the pig with the donut. Explosion from this level should also set off TNT boxes at the bottom.

Score: 139,950
*Rank: 26

Some High Score Targets:

3 Stars:       107,000
*Top 150:    131,020
*Top 100:    133,130
*Top 10:      144,240

*Top scores in Massachusetts in February, 2011 according to Crystal (a former feature of the Mobile App).


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