Angry Birds 16-7 “Special Delivery”


16-7 3 Birds

Arc first white bird over first structure.  Drop egg onto pig on the floor and recoil into string holding TNT.  TNT should swing onto first structure.  Hope for good fallout on this shot.

Arc second white bird over remnants of first building, dropping egg to clear debris and remaining pigs.

Arc third yellow bird and accelerate into far structure.

Score: 91,390
*Rank: 4

Some High Score Targets:

3 Stars:       83,000
*Top 30:     85,930
*Top 20:     87,500
*Top 10:      88,890

*Top scores in Massachusetts in September, 2011 according to Crystal (a former feature of the Mobile App).

  One Response to “Angry Birds 16-7 “Special Delivery””

  1. I’ve found a different strategy that will generate more points, at least easier.

    1. Arc first bird pretty high and drop it on the last part of the first structure, making sure you take out at least the right-most stalactite. This all results in the first structure being unstable and making the swing of the TNT longer, which together almost guarantees that the first structure collapses on second shot.

    2. Launch second bird the same way you launch your first, swinging the TNT onto the first structure.

    3. If necessary, clean up right side with yellow bird.

    Score: 101,590


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