Angry Birds 15-10 “Crystals out Back”


15-10 2 Birds

Aim first yellow bird at wood block at lower left of structure.

Loop second yellow bird to hit plank supporting TNT Box (just above stone square).  This should release TNT to explode further down and, ultimately, set off lower TNT box.  (Need favorable fallout on this second shot to achieve high score.)

Score: 125,390
*Rank: 7

Some High Score Targets:

3 Stars:       108,000
*Top 30:     114,690
*Top 20:     116,230
*Top 10:      120,800

*Top scores in Massachusetts in August, 2011 according to Crystal (a former feature of the Mobile App).

  2 Responses to “Angry Birds 15-10 “Crystals out Back””

  1. Thanks for you tips. Was able to get 125,670. Couldn’t get the aim of the second bird to work, so I started aiming for the right side of the TNT. Again thanks for all the time you put into this site.

  2. Got 131,140. I aimed the first bird just like you said and the whole thing went down. I could repeat it occasionally but was stunned when I got that score.

    Your website has been tremendously helpful. I am currently ranked @550 on the Game Center.

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