Angry Birds 1-8 “Get the Ball Rolling”


1-8 1 Bird

Aim red bird between first wood and stone blocks which will ricochet into stone boulders.  Hope for lots of disintegration on far side of mountain.

Score: 58,100
*Rank: 119

Some High Score Targets:

3 Stars:      50,000
*Top 150:    57,990
*Top 100:    58,200
*Top 10:      59,210

*Top scores in Massachusetts in February, 2011 according to Crystal (a former feature of the Mobile App).


  One Response to “Angry Birds 1-8 “Get the Ball Rolling””

  1. Another one-bird three star strategy i found is to aim high and strike the top boulder a glancing blow on its left side as the bird falls. The hope is to nudge the boulder off to the right while ricocheting off into the adjacent blocks to its left. If you are lucky the ricochet will push those blocks over killing the bottom bird on the left and bounce off again into the remaining top bird to the left of the boulder. I think your approach is a little more consistent perhaps, but maybe the inside out approach occasionally produces higher scores. I got 58500 and 59200 with this approach in 10-15 minutes, and never quite cracked 58000 in an hour using the direct assault approach in 45-60 minutes.

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