Angry Birds Rio 5-11


5-11 4 Birds

Aim first red bird to chop down first palm tree. Try to leave clear path for next bird to get low.

Aim second floppy bird in same general vicinity as first.  Try to get good depth within structure and take out a lot of crates.

Aim third yellow bird to clear out more foundation.

Arc fourth white bird to land just below closest remaining palm tree.  Try to clear out sand blocks below final structure, causing it to collapse.  Do not drop an egg on this shot.

Score:     119,310

2 Stars:  103,000
3 Stars:  110,000


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  1. 3 birds. First hit the just under the base of second palm tree to destabilize first structure. Second flipping bird accelerate at very low level to destabilize second structure. Third hit the remaining monkey on the palm.
    Score 126 510

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