Angry Birds 3-12 “Keep Pushin’”


3-12 3 Birds

Aim first blue bird at side of building in stone area.

Aim second yellow bird also at side of building but in a slightly different place.

Aim third white bird again at side of building in slightly different place (so as not to disintegrate block). Do not release the egg.

(There are other strategies as well: blue bird through ice window, blue bird hit roof to destabilize, but I was unsuccessful in getting good scores)

Score: 65,340
*Rank: 98

Some High Score Targets:

3 Stars:       50,000
*Top 150:    64,350
*Top 100:    65,210
*Top 10:      71,210

*Top scores in Massachusetts in February, 2011 according to Crystal (a former feature of the Mobile App).


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